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“The past is history, the future is a mystery. the present is golden!”-Jessica Brainard
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McMenamins Artwork

Etruscan Art and Roman Art


Necromancy Illusion

If  god was able to talk to me thru clouds and say I love you, I miss you, how come you never talk to me anymore? Do you still belive in me? If he was able to talk to me through the sky then 3 arch angels appear and it’s like they’re paintings off the wall, but movie like flying around. they look like paintings off the wall of a church flying in a arch. They are white, muscular glowing, flying without wings, they had cherub like bodies with fat rolls at their ankles and thigh and arms. They all had decent appearances for being 7 foot tall. They were wearing a  Roman toga sash covering their mid drifts. Im not good at drawing human figures, although angels aren’t human they have fat rolls  and muscular bodies at the same time. The fatrolls are in peculiar places such as the ankle and elbows. Gods a jelious  God and he doesnt want you falling in love with us and he likes us to look like babies.


ST. Michaelangelo010

Michaelangelo is flying in the center slightly higher than the other two he stands for the government. The angel in the center was holding nothing, but he said he gave me visions and he made fists. He spit on the ground and dusted it in with his foot stamped in with his foot. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust over the son’s shoulders. His name is Michaelangelo. He is a fighting angel and is the leader of the gaurdian angels who help protect us along with the police force government.

The angel on the left was holding a fish, his name is Raphael. He stands for health as he flys around healing and shows every newborn his fish that grants the gift of eyesight. He misses some from time to time if he gets called away or has to put his fish back in water.

ST. Rafael011

The angel on the right is holding a trumpet and his name is Gabriel. If he blows his horn 3 times God will end the world. He protects the fire department.

ST. Gabriel009

Were you yelling at me after that? You gave me a dirty look… That was me your twin soul, I was mad that you didn’t remember me after my life was all for you. It was to traumatic for you so you blocked it out so Jesus said that I had to look back on my life and find the person that I had wronged and make it right and I knew he was talking about you. Do you know how hard it was to find you I looked everywhere for you. I had to find you, but it wasn’t that hard because I just followed the love and I found the trail leads back to you. And you know how I found you? Because of your heart beat. We have the same heart…so we’ll leave them all behind and let them work it out together and our humanity service mission will be completed. We will go off to heaven together in our own dimension where we will be together forever. I love you forever because thats how long I’ll love you forever. As long as your living my soulmate you will be.

Hey what was that? That was the Jeanie from Aladin but it had a Jack Nicholson’s face. You guessed it now you get 3 wishes. What wishes do you want me to grant? better make it good cause that all your gonna get. I was really playing checkers with the magic carpet and you won so I put a lock on your heart.

I am the grim Reaper! Now your the grim reaper again? Make up your mind are you the grim reaper or my twin soul? Both. God’s going to get mad at me if you dont forgive me so ….So I have no choice your going to stalk me and try to kill me unless I forgive you? Ok I forgive you. I can tell that you dont really forgive me. Well I dont really want to forgive you but I do want you to go away. God wouldnt forgive me either, but now he has because there was a tape and it was recorded and it was put into the universe. There are two recordings on my tape. The first one is of you and god found out that you stopped beliveing and you were mad at him for it. So he made me watch the tapeover and over until I realized I was wrong. He said that I was forgiven because we were twin souls and only if you forgive me, will he, otherwise he has no use for me. God loves twin souls they are his favorite. I was the negative and you are the positive. So I had to do the things to tear us apart so  we could come back together and reincarnate. Your dead! How can we come back together now it’s over. I forgive you stop haunting me and go away. I think this sounds like a demon spirit haunting his victim. your right that part of me left. Now that Ive been in heaven I have god’s love and my ego left.  so thats what it is your ego left. I dont want to forgive your ego. There are no egos allowed when we reunite again. It’s God’s plan Jesus just altered Gods plan and so you got me.

This is all wrong. This isnt fair, God your plan isn’t fair. Your plan is written all wrong. We have to stop this!  The way you wrote it the positive and negative energy split and they are attracted but then the negative energy wrongs the positive and were feeding negative energy back into the universe. Isnt that what you put into the universe? No I try not to. What about all of the negative energy you collected how did you know how to do that? An angel taught me..or a demon. Im pretty sure it was an angel. You taught yourself that you already knew how to collect it. Your the magnet. Why didnt you just tell me this stuff a first? Because you have to release the negative energy you are twin souls. I made you fight so you would come back together and appreciate each other. If you forgive, you will become one, but if you don’t you will die out. Why do I have to forgive him Im not Jesus and  Jesus won’t forgive him. How do you know have you asked him? Why would I ask him for you I hope you burn in hell. Ok Jesus is he forgiven? Yes I forgive him because he worshiped you and he died fighting for his God I forgive for sins but you cant get in since he did it to wrong his twin soul to be connected God said either you unite or go to hell. We covered you and were covering him so you both can be together you have a higher purpose to help the world mother nature.

Sitting in the back of a cop car I yell help me Jesus. Blow the horn Gabriel! Who’s going to help you? who are you? Raphael. Who’s going to help you? I’m not sitting in the back of a cop car! he flew away. Who’s going to help you if your an angel now? Where are you going come back here don’t leave me! Don’t worry your in Gods hands now. I know this is your master plan so please show me the reason why us our souls are brought here at this very moment in time under these circumstances. Who’s back there with you?…the grim reaper and the devil…pull over let me out. Why are you sitting in the Grim Reaper’s spot? He’s gonna get mad if you sit there. He was already sitting there first so theres not enough room here. You have to find another car. I want to talk to an angel in trouble. Look the grim reapers sitting there and I have a devil next to me so you have to go. No he can stay! Do you want to switch spots? No I don’t feel like playing musical chairs. Im already sitting here . Im not moving or ill have to touch the devil. you asked to be an angel with butterfly wings. so if you yell at a cop and yell at the pope you have to go to prison. no way. thats the law. So what your telling me is that the devil,  pope and the cops and the government are working together in orchestrated coverups?….

Encaustic Wax Paintings

Encaustic beach collage002Encaustic beach collage001RobertDeniro-waitingwithfrog

Prepared wood Canvas and other materials are often used. The simples encaustic mixture can be made from adding pigments to beeswax, but there are several other recipes that can be used. Some recipes contain other types of waxes, damar resin, linseed oil or other ingredients. Pure powdered pigments can be purchased a used, through some mixtures use oil paints or other forms of pigments. Tools such as heat lamps, heat guns, and other methods of applying heat allow artists to extend the amount of time they have to work with the material. Metal tools and special brushes can be used to manipulate the wax once it has cooled onto the surface. Materials can be encased or collages into the surface, or layered, using the encaustic medium to adhere it to the surface.www.international-encaustic-artists.org/

Basic Supplies:

  • Beeswax
  • Damar Resin
  • Pigments
  • Heating Surface
  • Heat tools
  • Brushes/Tools
Start with a “Ground/Sealing edges
Intarsia/Scraping and filing
Assemblage-Collage with 3-D objects
Mixed Media- using inks/stamps thread ,organic material
Using oil paints/sharpie oil pens
Adding texture
Stencils/Masks Buffing
Hanging work
Making mold
I found images that I wanted to use and cut them out and arranged them on the board that I had already sealed the first coat of clear wax. Then I dipped the images into the clear wax and applied them to the surface. After that I went in with the colored wax and textured the edges of the pictures to fill in the layer. Using the embossing gun blows the wax and melts the colors together you can play with it until you get it how you want. If you want the color to be more translucent you use less color more filler and if you want a more concentrated color techniques. Oil paint and encaustic are friends but acrylic and encaustic paint don’t mix.

A brief history: Encaustic painting was practiced by Greek artists as far back as the 5th century B.C. Most of our knowledge of this early use comes from the Roman knowledge about studio methods, so his account of techniques and materials is encaustic had a variety of application:for the painting of portraits and scenes of mythology on panels for the coloring of marble and terra cotta, and for work on ivory . Was is an excellent preservative of materials it was partly from this use that the art of encaustic painting developed. The Greeks applied coatings of wax and resin to weatherproof their ships. Pigmenting the wax gave rise to the decorating of warships. Mention is even made by Horner of the painted ships of the Greek warriors who fought at Troy. Encaustic painting was practiced in Greece and Egypt through the 12th century and then practically disappeared until the 20th century.It was replaced with tempera, which is cheaper, easier and faster to work with. http://www.rfpaints.com

Flower Collage, Fruit & Veggie,Heaven Mural,: Wax Paintings by Artist:Jessica Brainard

Inspiration Collage from one of hundreds of ceramic plaques in the church Madonna dei Bagni, Deruta, Umbria, Italy.

Pieces of heart

sisters painting

Slowly chipped away pieces shattered.

Stabbed straight thru the center never mattered.

Feels like flatlining it’s just a glitch.

Broken valve Low pitch.

Step one,step two, stops he’s lookin at you.
Is he lookin at me it’s too far away to see… …

come closer fearsome crescendo are you talking to me

pumping profusely?

aortic stenosis heart sounds  sledgehammer
You made me wait so long

Us together is so wrong!
I don’t feel bad

about the betrayal that is sad.

Time to set us free

Sorry it can’t be we.
You were right lets not fight
The suns out I like the light
I want to kiss I just might
Heart murmurs whole is pumping.

Out of my chest it’s jumping.

God puts a shadow on his face,
Tells me not to chase.

Go home now it’s not a race.

Cooing dove murmur in a dream
Rainbow colors throbbing arch beam
Unusual heart taking turns
High pitch heartburn yurns
I got sick and I can’t see
It started when I met you met me.
Chasing five minutes of fame

you can have it’s so lame.

Were going back to just the same
I’m all wrong for you
My heart’s still blue
My chest is tight
My thinkings not right
Being near him is half torture love

Magnetic pull coming from above

Barely beating love fleeting

Empty heart it’s all in my head.

Just keep thinking of what we said

Sickness of the heart when we are apart
Medium pitch I return home and crawl in bed
My chest is still pounding only now it’s dead
Wanting conclusion aortic regurgitation

Dream angel appeared and reminded me of salvation

She tells me that I passed her test

Burning sensation Cardiac arrest

Waiting for me in the nothingness

Looking for a spark I only found the dark.

Poem written by-jessica brainard


Islamic Art

Inspired festive, contented complacent satisfied serene comfortable peaceful tranquil joyous ecstatic rapturous enthusiastic happy glad pleased blissful cheerful genial cheery sunny blithe airy jaunty lighthearted debonair high-spirited bright saucy lively spirited animated vivacious brisk sparkling merry hilarious exhilarated jovial mirthful jolly playful gleeful frisky elated exultant jubilant close warm grateful thankful silly giddy.            Brave courageous confident independent secure bold daring fearless gallant strong heroic resolute self-reliant determined hardy dauntless firm certain calm eager anxious desirous keen earnest intent zealous avid fervent itchy concerned affected fascinated engrossed intrigued absorbed curious excited inquisitive snoopy nosey.Sorrowful downcast dejected unhappy woeful depressed disconsolate woebegone melancholy gloomy cheerless somber dismal joyless spiritless quiet dark clouded vacant funereal mournful dreadful dreary flat dull oppressed downhearted sullen mumpish moping moody glum sulky empty discontented out of sorts discouraged despondent hollow sad chocked up disheartened grief-stricken injured grieved offended in pain distressed afflicted worried crushed rueful mournful piteous woeful pathetic tortured agonized hapless in despair aching heartbroken victimized embarrassed ashamed tragic Resentful irritated enraged furious annoyed inflamed provoked piqued incensed infuriated offended sullen wrought up indignant irate angry worked up wrathful cross sulky bitter boiling furning in a stew contemptuous up in arms defiant belligerent skeptical doubtful distrustful unbelieving suspicious uncertain dubious questioning wavering hesitant perplexed indecisive distant cautiousFearful frightened timid chicken nervous diffident timorous fainthearted tremulous paralyzed shaky fidgety apprehensive immobilized restless aghast terrified panicky yellow alarmed shocked horrified insecure anxious worried doubtful suspicious hesitant dismayed awed sheepish cold scared trembly cowardly threatened appalled petrified breathless cautious Injured grieved offended in pain distressed afflicted worried crushed rueful mournful piteous woeful pathetic hurt tortured agonized hapless in despair aching victimized heartbroken embarrassed tragic.

 Submissive dependent talkative seductive nauseated sweaty  soft surprised bushed sexy jealous affectionate powerless tolerant loving proud respectful envious bewildered encouraged reassured dominant 


Portland Murals

Collage Making

I took a creative picture collage class in Portland. Check out the website http://www.collagepdx.com. For artists of all ages. The teaches work was in the frames and people around me did magazine pictures, dogs, and  a cat.  I made an Abstract Kimono the heart was some wallpaper from 1960, along with vintage hidden beer symbols within. I really liked using the water-color pencils on top of the collage to bring out details. I just dipped the pencil in a cup of water and it added colorful details to the flowers in the kimono dress. The art supply store there is stocked with everything like glitter, stamps, and tons of trinkets and you get a discount if you take a class.

Floral Art

Art by Danielle crandellbirdscoloryellow-flower-texture-009Selia's flower2D texturesPainted gardenBird's Eye Viewdutch tulipSeliaFlowersflowerSun flowers

Love is deep in human soul

In deep love fall into us

Flutter in the atmosphere of love

Upon encounter of sweetness in love

Love is a wonder like force

Just one human love exclusively

Making love tenderness from a darkroom

Without body, not present, us nowhere

With us, body present, us each others, close nearby

About each others, joy, and friendship

Love is not turmoil, wronged in agony

For the sake of one authentic genuine blessing.

If flowers could speak

The language of flowers,

Holds special powers.

Marigold herb of the sun.

Epigaea depend welcome.

Magnolia love of nature,

baby’s breath pure of heart.

White lily for purity.

Star of Bethlehem hope.

Sunflower pure thoughts.

Lotus is chastity and eloquence.

Light pink rose desire, passion, joy of life, youth and energy.

White lilac youthful innocence and memories.

Red daisy beauty unknown to the possessor.

Straw united.

Purple lilac first emotion of love.

Blue rose mystery, attaining the impossible, love at first sight.

Dandelion flirting……

mauve carnation dreams of fantasy.

Moonflower dreaming of love.

Freesia childish and immature.

Purple carnation impulsive whimsical, changeable, unreliability.

Thyme thriftiness.

Scarlet lily high-souled aspirations.

Oxeye daisy patience…..

Gardenia secret love

Orange lily desire and passion.

Jonquil return my affection

Lime blossom fornication.

Amarylis shy

Striped carnation no sorry I can’t be with you, refusal.

Edelweiss courage and power.

Peony shame bashfulness masculinity bravery, prosperity and honor.

Bachelor button celibacy.

White camellia waiting

White violet modesty.

Pear blossom lasting friendship.

Balsamine impatience.

Pink rose grace.

Daffodil uncertainty, chivalry, respect, and unrequited love.

Morning glory love in vain.

Winged seeds messengers,

Viscera invitation to dance.

Acacia secret love.

White chrysanthemum truth.

Lemon blossom discretion,

amaryllis pride.

Hydrangea pride

Thistle noble,

Thorne-apple disguise.

Yellow Chrysanthemum imperial weak love.

Witch-hazel a magic spell.

Bulrush readily trained submissive.

Pitch pine blossom philosophy.

Arum intensity of feelings,

Grass submission.

Asparagus fascination,

Coriander lust.

Mallow consumed by love.

Apple blossom preference.

Snowdrop consolation and hope.

Green carnation secret symbol.

Aster talisman of love daintiness,

laurestine a token.

Tulip-tree fame,

bay wreath glory.

Camellia japonica unpretending excellence.

Dahlia elegance and dignity.

Daisy innocence, loyalty love, purity, faith, cheer, and simplicity.

Lavender devotion and distrust.

Mint suspicion.

Begonia beware a fanciful nature.

Yellow camellia longing

Yellow tulip hopeless love,

Lettuce cold-hearted.

Anemone abandon, sickness, unfading love.

Aconite dislike of human species.

Lobelia evil, hostility, malice, and sadism.

Bird’s-foot trefoil revenge.

Orange lily hatred revenge

Love lies bleeding hopelessness.

Burgundy rose unconscious beauty.

Marigold pain.

Aloe grief.

Fungus resilience, loneliness, solitude, and disgust.

Yellow rose friendship, jealousy, infidelity. A broken heart, intense emotion, dying love, and extreme betrayal.

Eglantine rose a wound to heal….

Yellow carnation rejection, scorn, you have disappointed me.

Black rose death hatred, farewell, rejuvenation or rebirth.

Red spider lily never to meet again, lost memory, abandonment.

Asphodel my regrets follow you to the grave.

Poppy eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination.

Rue regret.

Sweet pea goodbye.

Chestnut do me justice.

Lichen solitude.

Rosemary remembrance,

Creeping willow love abandoned.

Sensitive plant sensitivity.

Plum blossom beauty and longevity.

Orchid refined beauty,

Narcissus self-esteem

Olive peace.

Balm sympathy.

Mistletoe single and looking

Honeysuckle generous

Pansy thoughtful

Verbena cooperative

Jasmine friendly

Arborvitae everlasting friendship.

Bells of Ireland luck.

Lily of the valley sweetness, humility, returning to happiness, and trustworthy.

Lavender rose love at first sight.

Bamboo lucky.

Orange lily desire and passion.

Red carnation deep romantic love, passion, my heart aches for you.

Red tulip declaration of love.

Zinnia loyalty,

Bluebell grateful.

Peach blossom long life, generosity, and bridal hope.

Almond promise,

solid color carnation yes, affirmative.

Arbutus your the only one I love.

Cactus flower lust sex.

Red camellia in love.

Amaranth immortal love,

ambrosia love is reciprocated.

Red rose true love.

White clover I promise.

Red chrysanthemum I love.

Blue violet faithfulness.

Gorse love in all seasons.

Agrimony  thankfulness,

Primrose eternal love.

Heliotrope devotion.

Red poppy pleasure.

Honeysuckle devoted affection, bonds of love.

Elderflower compassion.

White rose eternal love.

Sweetbrier simplicity.

Houseleek domestic economy.

Ivy dependence and endurance.

Geranium gentility.

Iris good news,

celandine joys to come!

Pink carnation a woman’s love, a mothers love , I’ll never forget you, always on my mind.

Dark pink rose gratitude.

White poppy consolation, dreams, modern and peace.

Azalea take care, temperance, fragile, passion, symbol of womanhood.

Bellflower thinking of you.

Forget-me-not true love.

Canterbury bells gratitude.

Coreopsis always cheerful,

oats music.

Acanthus art.

Four leaf clover lucky.

Hollyhock ambition,

bumblebee orchid industry,

wheat wealth and prosperity.

Yellow poppy wealth and success.

Red clover industry,

Buttercup riches,

Cabbage profit,

Tiger lily wealth.

Angrec royalty.

Campanula gratitude

Cherry blossom a good education, feminine beauty, transience of life.

Cypress death, mourning, despair and sorrow.

China aster love of  fidelity, I will think of you.


Art of Ancient Africa


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